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Considering Tooth Whitening? Here Are Some Considerations

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Teeth Whitening

considering tooth whitening here are some considerations

The majority of people have occasionally wished for a brighter, whiter smile. The fact that not all teeth-whitening products are created equally may surprise you.

Abrasive peroxides and bleaches are present in some over-the-counter teeth-whitening products, which could do more harm than good. These products have the potential to erode tooth enamel over time.

Anyone who desires a whiter and more radiant smile should have their teeth whitened by a dentist.

If you’re considering getting this procedure, you should be aware of the following information before setting up your consultation:

#1. Teeth Whitening is not permanent

The lifespan of teeth whitening can be three years. However, the time frame may change based on a person’s eating patterns.

Your teeth’ brightness may deteriorate if you regularly consume beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, chewing tobacco, or cigarette smoke.

If you ever need top-ups, secure the mouthguard properly. Your Belmont WA dentists might suggest a bleaching solution that you can quickly use at home for touch-ups.

Find out how frequently it is safe to use from your Belmont WA dentist. A mouthguard is used to apply the bleach to the teeth.

#2. Before whitening your teeth, consider teeth cleaning

Have your teeth professionally cleaned before beginning any teeth-whitening procedure to maximise its effectiveness.

If tartar or plaque are stuck to your teeth, the bleaching agent may not hold them in place properly. The teeth-whitening procedure would become ineffective as a result.

#3. Teeth whitening treatment is only for natural teeth

Take note that you won’t be able to get teeth whitening treatment on dental work like veneers, fillings, crowns, or dentures. Your natural teeth are the only teeth that the teeth-whitening procedure works on.

Because they are the only ones that show when you smile, the front teeth fillings (if you have had fillings) can occasionally be changed after the teeth whitening procedure.

#4. Teeth whitening process is effective by a dentist

The teeth-whitening process can only be legally performed by a dental professional.

Only a dental therapist or hygienist who has completed the necessary training and has a current certificate from the Dental Council should perform the procedure under a dentist’s prescription.

Although kits for teeth whitening that can be purchased online are usually inexpensive, you should avoid using them because they may have an excessive amount of a bleaching agent that is very bad for teeth.

The mouthguard with the kit won’t fit your mouth, the bleaching agent won’t be applied correctly, and it’s against the law.

#5. Teeth whitening may or may not be right for you

Before getting a teeth-whitening procedure done, ask your Belmont WA dentist if it is the right choice for you. Share any relevant information and your medical history with them. Due to various dental or medical conditions, many people find it difficult to undergo teeth-whitening. Someone with a particular medical condition might not be a good candidate for a specific dental procedure.

Additionally, teeth-whitening procedures that use more potent ultraviolet light and a variety of bleaching gels may seriously harm some individuals. People who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or who are susceptible to ultraviolet radiation shouldn’t frequently consider teeth whitening procedures. Additionally, people undergoing chemotherapy, gum disease, heart disease, diabetes, or melanoma should avoid these treatments.


Before selecting a teeth whitening procedure, it is essential to be aware of the critical factors to ascertain whether you are an appropriate candidate.

Consult your dentist about your medical history before bleaching. In a recognised dental office, the teeth-whitening procedure is secure. However, remember that this treatment won’t produce great results for fillings, veneers, crowns, or caps.

After the procedure, try to reduce your consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, red wine, and cigarettes, as these things can stain your teeth.

Teeth Whitening at Epsom Dental Care

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At Epsom Dental Care, our solutions are fast, efficient and practical.

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